Your Food and Beverage menu is made up of a number of components, Categories exist with-in your Sections and are used to group similar items that you want to show to your Guest. 

For example, in the Lunch section, you could have the Categories - Starters, Salads, Soups, Sandwiches, Kids menu,etc..

Instructions to Create Categories


Step 1: Create a New Category

  • Navigate to Content Management > Food and Beverage 
  • Select the Outlet you wish to update
  • You can create a Category by clicking on the “Create New Category” button

  • You will be prompted to set the Internal and Display names for the Category. No other settings are available on the Food & Beverage page
  • Once both names have been entered, you will be able to click the “Create” button to finish
  • To make further changes to the Categories’ settings, you can do so in the Advanced Settings

Step 2: Adding Existing categories

  • You can add Categories that already exist by clicking on the “Add Existing Categories” button

  • This will bring up a modal with two columns. “Available Categories to Add” on the left and “Selected Categories to Add” on the right

  • Simply click on a Category in either list to move it to the other list. For example, clicking a category in the "Available Categories to Add" list will move it to the "Selected Categories to Add" list, and vice versa
  • Once all the Categories you wish to add to the section are in the “Selected Categories to add” column, click the “Save” button

Step 3: Editing an Existing Category

  • You can edit an existing Category by selecting the Section, then selecting the desired Category, finally, clicking the “Edit Category” button

  • You will be able to change the Internal and Display names
  • Once you have made your desired changes, click the “Update” button to save them
  • To make further changes to the Categories' settings, you can do so in the Advanced Settings

  • To remove a Category from being associated with a Section, expand the Category
  • Select Edit Category
  • Select Unlink in the bottom left of the modal
  • and confirm the action, selecting Unlink
This will not delete the category, and it can be restored, associating it again by following Step 2

Categories - Advanced Settings

For additional settings that do not appear in Food and Beverage for Categories, navigate to Content Management > Advanced Setting > Categories. The following settings are available

  • Re-order Item positions
  • Related Items Category / Related items Individual
  • Item Availability period
  • Item Layout