Before you can create or update your menu, you will need to ensure that you have created the items for your menu in IRIS Manager. This guide is for Non-Integrated menus, not connected to a POS system, where you will need to create the items manually to allow you to assign them to your menu.   

These are instructions for properties using Non-Integrated Menu's ONLY

Configuring items in IRIS Manager (GXP)

  • Navigate to Content Management > Food and Beverage
  • Select the Outlet > Section > Category you wish to place the item in
  • Click Create New Item
  • The following information is required for each item
    • Item Name (internal) 
    • Item Name (to be displayed)
    • Short Description (Optional - Recommended)
    • Price - provide the Price to be displayed
    • Is Visible - This should be set to true
    • Item Image (Optional - Recommended)
    • Modifiers (Optional)
  • Select Create Item
  • Repeat for each Item

Remember to publish a Version, so Guests can see the changes!