Before you can create or update your menu, you will need to ensure that the items for the menu have been configured for use correctly in Simphony.

These are instructions for properties using Simphony 'Transaction services Gen 1' (TS_1)

Configuring items in POS

  • Add all items in EMC for the required Revenue Centre(RVC), ensuring the following have been configured
    • The item should have 'MO' in the 'Third Name' field. (remove any spaces)
    • The item is in the definition level tab
    • All items must use the same Definition Sequence (normally definition #1)
    • The item has a price setup in record #1 at revenue centre level
    • The price is 'active on all levels'
    • The item main level and sub levels are not set to 00
    • the item main level should have #1 selected
    • The item has a menu item class
  • Include any modifiers for the Dish items, and ensure they are set as 'forced Modifiers' ('required Condiment sets') 

Check that the item has a Price Record

Make sure the workstation has been updated with the changes prior to performing a sync. This can be done by Updating or Reloading the Database of the workstation. Refer to Oracle Simphony documentation for details on performing this task