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When it is time to update your digital menu with the new dishes or pricing, a few steps are required for these changes to appear for guests to see. This guide will walk you through these steps and how to publish these changes for your guests to view.


Step 1: Configuring items

Items that appear in IRIS Manager will be created by a Sync from your POS or if you are not connecting to a POS system (Non-integrated), they can be created manually on our platform.

IMPORTANT, Only items that have been populated from a Sync will work with a POS enabled system

See the following guides for configuring items, for

Step 2: Request a Sync

In order for the item changes to appear in GXP, a sync is required with EMC.

  1. Navigate to Content Management >FnB Menu in the sidebar of the platform 
  2. Select the Menu you wish to update
  3. Select the POS Setup tab 
  4. Scroll down to the bottom and select Sync Now
  5. Review sync status by navigating to POS Sync Status tab

If you find that you are not authorised to view this page, you will need to request a Sync through your designated Corporate support team

Do not change the settings on this page, as this can remove all items from the menu!

Step 3: Adding new items

  1. Navigate to Content Management > Food & Beverage in the platform's sidebar
  2. Select the Outlet
  3. Then Select the Section
  4. Select the Category you wish to add your new items to, e.g. Mains (see below as an example): 


        5. Click 'Add Existing Item', and a pop-up box will appear. This is where you can assign the items to the Category. 

        6. Search for the items you wish to add using the search box highlighted in red below, then click on the item you wish to assign to the category, so it transfers into the right-hand column. 

        7. Click Save to add items to the Category. 


Tip: Check if the item is set to visible - Making an Item Visible 

Step 4: Hiding/Removing Items

  1. Navigate to Content Management > Food & Beverage 
  2. Select Outlet > Section > Category
  3. Select the Item
  4. Make the item not visible by switching the toggle 'Is Visible' to the left, turning the icon red
  5. Save Changes. 

Step 5: Price changes

Does not apply to Non-Integrated Outlets - See Updating Prices for Non-Integrated Outlets

Prices are inherited from the item in POS and will appear as read-only, and cannot be changed in IRIS. To change the price of an item, ensure the price is correct in POS and perform a sync from POS into IRIS (following from step 2 above).

The price will then automatically update (in draft view) and reflect the price provided by the POS.

Step 6: Publish changes

Making Content Management changes to IRIS are not automatically visible on the front end for Guests to view. To make the changes visible, a Live Version must be created.

  1. Navigate to Content Management > Versions
  2. Select 'Draft Version' > review the Draft version of the menu. 

  3. Finally, create a Live Version: click + Add New Version > tick Make Live > press Create - Versioning a Property 

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