Applies to   IRIS Manager | Guest Room | Guest Mobile | Guest Web | Mobile Dining 

The Staff Ordering functionality enables staff members to conveniently place orders on behalf of guests through IRIS Manager, utilizing the Guest web embedded feature. This can be done using any device that supports a fully functional browser, such as Google Chrome.


How it Works

Staff members can access Staff Ordering mode via IRIS Manager. From this location, a simplified version of the menu is available with unique features to aid staff takes orders for the Guests. These pages are similar, but with some important differences, starting with a list of available Outlets that have 'Allow Staff Ordering' enabled in GXP. [see Enable Outlet for Staff ordering],


The menu layout streamlines and simplifies the ordering process for staff, who do not necessarily need all the same features as our guests.


Information such as the Price and descriptions can still been viewed by selecting an item.

When completing the order, there are no separate Cart and Payment pages. Instead, the main functionality of these two pages is merged into an alternate Staff Ordering Page. The Staff Ordering page includes:

  • Cart/basket Items order summary. 
  • Edit and Remove buttons function as on the Cart page; a user can remove or edit cart item(s). 
  • Subtotal information is displayed at the bottom of the order summary. 
  • Allergen and Alcohol Disclaimers.
  • Comment information.
  • Number of guests can be set.

After placing your order, you will receive an Order Confirmation, which includes a convenient 'Return to Outlet' button for quicker navigation back to the same Outlet page. You can view your completed order instantly in the order history and in the IRIS Manager Order centre for future reference. Moreover, any CSV report containing individual order details will now indicate whether the order was placed by staff or a guest.

Setup a new Staff User

  1. Go to GXP > Setup > Users
  2. Create/Update a User
  3. Add the Pos Employee ID. This will be your # ID in EMC
  4. Save

Enable Outlet for Staff ordering

Each Outlet must be set to allow Staff to place orders.

  1.  GXP > Setup > Outlet Settings 
  2. Select the required Outlet
  3. Toggle 'On' Allow Staff Ordering
  4. Save 

Whilst Staff will not be required to make payment or complete the payment form, 'Allow Ordering' must still be enabled on the Outlet.