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If you have a user which is unable to view and manage the orders in either the Order Centre or the Staff Order Board and the page is empty, you will need to follow this guide in order to add them to the Outlet. The user will firstly need to be setup on the system - Once the user has been created you can then follow this guide to add them to view Ordering.


How to Add Users to Manage Orders in the Order Centre or Staff Order Board?

1. Login to iRiS Manager 

2. Navigate to Setup > Outlet Settings and select Outlet Settings from the Sidebar

3. Select the Outlet you wish for the users to manage the Orders from (you will see a list of all your available outlets) Please note you will need to add the User to each Outlet if necessary.

4. Scroll down the page until you see the option for Users - see screenshot below

5. Click on the + Select to begin adding your users to the Outlets Order Centre / Staff Order Board

6. You will then be prompted with the display below, you will need to assign the Users in the right hand column and click save - see the screenshots below

7. By clicking on the users in the left-hand column, they will be transferred into the right-hand column. Once they have been added into the right-hand side they will be added to the Order Centre / Staff Order Board. 

8. Click 'Save' and then click 'Save' again at the top of the Outlet Settings page and those users will now have visibility of the Order Centre for that specific outlet.

Users will now have visibility of the Outlet in the Order Centre and the Staff Order Board. Remember to click save when you have finished in the Outlet Settings page - see the above screenshot.

WalkMe: User Unable to See Outlets in Order Centre

You can also see our WalkThru which will take you step by step in iRiS Manager to complete this task and help you assign Users to the Outlets.