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You will need to assign your Items to a Category if you have either created new items for your menu updates manually in iRiS Manager or initiated a sync and new items have been synced in from the POS workstation. This depends on whether you have an integrated setup or non-integrated Identifying Type of Ordering Outlet.


To add an item to a category, follow these steps:

  1. Login to iRiS Manager Https://
  2. Navigate to Content Management > Categories in the sidebar of the platform
  3. Select the Category you wish to add your new items to, eg. Breakfast (see below as an example)


    4. Scroll down on the Category page until you come to Items, this is where you can add your new items to your Mobile              Dining menu

    5. Click 'Add Item' and a pop-up box will appear and this is where you can assign the items to the category

    6. Search for the items you wish to assign using the search box highlighted in red below, then click on the item you wish to         assign to the category, so it transfers into the right-hand column


    7. Press Save as highlighted in red above and then remember to press Save again in the top right corner of the category          page - this saves the updates you have made

    8. Lastly, to make those updates live - you will need to push a new version Versioning a Property

How does this display in Mobile Ordering?

See the example above, the Spicy Chorizo item, which we assigned to the Starters category.