Sub-Modifiers are a great way to customise your Modifiers further, and allows you to provide further customisation for your Items. For example, you may want to provide a way for a guest to choose how they want their eggs cooked in a Breakfast. Below is an example:

  • Set Breakfast Item (Item)
    • Please choose your style of eggs (Select Modifier)
      • Scrambled
      • Fried (Single Select Modifier set as a Sub Modifier)
        • Sunny Side Up
        • Over Easy
        • Over Medium
        • Over Hard
      • Poached

In the above example, the user can only choose Scrambled, one of the Fried options, or Poached as the Modifier at the top is a Single Select Modifier. So this example has 2 Single Select Modifiers, and the Fried is used to provide preferences for the user. To learn how to create Select Modifier or Multi-Select Modifiers just click on the links to learn. To attach an existing Modifier as a Sub Modifier follow the process below:

  1. Navigate to your Property in GXP, and go to Content Management > Item Modifiers
  2. Search to find the Modifier you want to add your Sub Modifier too and open it.
  3. Under Modifier Options click on + Add Modifier Option
  4. In the Sub Modifier Option box find the Item Modifier you want to set as a Sub Modifier.
  5. Click on Save when you are finished.

Below is an example of a Sub Modifier added to a Select Modifier

In iRiS Guest you will be able to see the Sub Modifier with the arrow, when expanded it shows the options for the user.

When a user selects a Modifier it will show a tick for the user to indicate a selection has been made. You should now be able to add an existing Modifier as a Sub Modifier and include them in your Items.