The new feature of Non-Verified Orders and Requests provides the ability to allow guests to order food and drink, or make requests even if they're not a checked in guest. There's two steps, you first need to create a form of information you'll want to capture about the guest, like First Name, Email Address, and second enable if for a specific Outlet so that it can pop up on the users device when they're completing their order or request. 

Creating the Outlet Order Form

You'll first need to create a form that will be used for the feature. In order to create the form, you'll first need access to the Group, if you don't have this access you'll need to request this from iRiS Support. To start:

  1. Navigate to your Group in GXP and go to Setup > Outlet Order Form
  2. Click on + Add New Order Form at the top
  3. Provide a Name for the Form, this is required as you'll need to create one for every App you support.
  4. Below are a highlight of the fields you can enable

Below is a description of each feature.

  1. Capture - with this enabled it will appear in the Order Form
  2. Is Mandatory - with this enabled it will force the user to enter details into the field
  3. Store in GXP - with this enabled it will store the information the guest enters in GXP
  4. Send to POS - with this enabled it will send the information to a connected POS system

Note: You will be required to create a form for each App you want to Support. Therefore, if you have iRiS Guest Web, and iRiS Guest Mobile on both iOS and Android you will need to create 3 forms, as each platform requires a unique Order Form. When you are finished click on Save to complete the Order Form of your choice.

Enabling the Form in the Outlet

Once the form has been created, it'll need to be activated and enabled in the Outlet. To do this:

  1. Navigate to your Property in GXP and go to Setup > Outlet Settings
  2. Click on your Outlet that you want to enable the form in
  3. Scroll to the bottom and to find Allow Orders from Non-Verified Guests and toggle the button to Yes
  4. Click on + Add An Outlet Order Form
  5. Choose your App from the first drop down
  6. Choose your Outlet Order Form from the second drop down
  7. Click on Save
  8. Repeat for every App you want to support

Once this is done, you can Save the Outlet and preview your Outlet Order Form in Draft ModeThe below are some screenshots of the user journey for the guest.

When a user places an Order or Request through the App, they will see the above demonstration depending on if you have Allow Sign In enabled or not. If enabled, the user will be prompted with the first screen, providing them the opportunity to check in if they have reservation detail.s If Allow Sign In is disabled, then they will be sent straight to the Outlet Order Form. The feature set is available from iRiS Guest v5.7 and higher.

You should now be able to create an Outlet Order Form, and enable it for your Outlets and Apps you support to allow your guests to send orders and requests even if they don't have reservation details.