Draft Mode allows you to create and preview content before publishing, and when you're ready to push a Live Version, each product receives the Version in different ways. Beneath is an explanation of how each product should see the latest content Version.

When you publish a Version from Content Management > Versions, iRiS Guest apps will receive the updated content at different times, and each app has been built in a way that supports the environment it is in.

iRiS Guest Web - when you refresh the page, or after 20 minutes the page will update with the latest content Version.

iRiS Guest Mobile - will only check for a new Version after the App has been closed and re-opened, the App will then update without any interruption to what the user is doing and remember anything they were doing in the Cart, or in Messages

iRiS Guest Room - will intelligently provide updates to the devices in the hotel in a way that doesn't disrupt the network. Below is a timeline of how the iRiS Guest Room App updates content:

  1. User publishes a Version at 9PM from GXP > Content Management > Versions
  2. 100 devices running in the hotel check for new Versions every 15 minutes with an added random timer of 1-10 minutes
  3. By 9:30PM each of the 100 devices should now know there's a new Version available
  4. Each of the 100 devices take the Version in a random order to not all receive content at the same time over the next 15 minutes
  5. By 10PM, every device is updated to the latest content Version, without all requesting and receiving the update at the same time.

Generally speaking within an hour, the content will be updated. 

We've made some modifications to the Version system, and at times you will see that the Version you've created is in stages. We had added a small queueing system across the platform to ensure the Versions also don't all go out at the same time. Your Version should be completed on the platform within 5 minutes, and the iRiS Guest apps will receive them over the hour.