By default your Property will only have 1-way Messaging activated, so if you want to enable 2-way Messaging to allow your guests to reply to your Order updates or any Messages you send out, please read this article explaining how you Activate 2-way Messaging for your Property. If a Guest responds to an Order or Service Request, or you have a separate Outlet to receive requests or customer questions, this can be seen in the Messages tab at the top with a blue coloured badge, tapping on it loads the Messages for that Order.

The response comes into the Message area, and you can respond at the bottom of the message with free text or with Predefined Messages, and tap on Send to respond and it will send to iRiS Guest.

Any new reply that arrives from the Guest will show the blue notification badge, and any particular thread that receives a reply that hasn't been read will look like the below mail envelope on the left.

This will show in both the Order and Message tab so you don't miss it. For Messages that arrive based on Order or Service Requests, when the Status has been set to Completed the Messages will be automatically set to Closed.

You should now be able to reply to incoming guest messages either from Order and Service Requests, or just from the Outlets.