Service Items are connected to Categories in GXP, and in iRiS Guest you can add Images, Text, Prices, Modifiers and Attributes to them so they are personalised depending on what you want to offer. To start:

  1. Navigate to your Property in GXP, and go to Content Management > Items
  2. Click on + Add Item
  3. Enter your Internal Name, and Item Name that shows on iRiS Guest
  4. Set your Type to Service
  5. Set your Is Visible toggle to Yes
  6. Add a Price for the Item if needed
  7. Add your Short and Long Descriptions as necessary.

That's the basic structure of a Service Item, and this would show in iRiS Guest with an Image, and Short Description like the below. 

The Add your Comment box is built into each Service Item. To personalise the Item further with Modifiers and Attributes, simply go back to Content Management > Item and open your Item. Scrolling down to add your Modifiers first by clicking on + Add Modifiers and choose the Modifiers you want to add and looks and feels the same way as the Product Item. Note, the Long Description will always be hidden behind an expander if you apply Modifiers to the Item.

Remember to connect your Service Request Items to the relevant Categories and preview them in Draft mode, test the Request goes through to your Demo Room. 

You should now be able to create a Service Request Item to use in iRiS Guest.