A new feature of iRiS Guest will allow you to pair up Items that are either related to each other, or you want to up-sell to your users effectively in iRiS Guest. For example, you may want the Burger to be paired with an existing bottle of Water, or Diet Coke that you have in your menu, this can be done with Related Items. The Related Items feature works by pairing existing Items that are connected to your Outlets, and it only works from within the same Outlet. If you have 2 Product Outlets, you'll only be able to pair Items from within the same Outlet. To start:

  1. Navigate to your Property in GXP, and go to Content Management > Categories
  2. Find the Category where you Item is currently paired and open it.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page where the Item is, and hover the mouse over the Item to reveal the Edit button
  4. Click to open the new window and in the Related Items drop down start adding your Items
  5. Save to complete

It should look like the below when you've added a few.

You can click on the to delete the Related Items paired to the Item. On iRiS Guest, this will sit beneath the Modifiers you may have attached to the Item.

If the user taps on the Related Item it will open on top to let them choose the options for that Item, above that would be Chips & Dips. When added, it will show a 1 badge against the picture to indicate it's been added to the Cart. If a user taps on the + Add Item button and it has no Modifiers, it will quickly add to the Cart and show a notification this has been completed, like below.

When the user either closes the Burger Item here or adds it to the Cart, the View Cart button will be populated with the Burger, and the Beer, and the Cart will have everything confirmed.

You should now be able to pair your existing Related Items to other Items in your Outlet to advertise your products.