Applies to   iRiS Manager | Guest Room | Guest Mobile | Guest Web | Mobile Dining

GXP receives all the incoming Orders and Requests from iRiS Guest, and the Order and Service is a way of tracking these Orders and Requests, but if you want to receive further Notifications on your personal devices this can be done with the Notification Manager. Before you got to creating your Notifications, there are a few requirements to complete beforehand. First you need to create a User in GXP and ensure they have a Telephone Number set up and then you need to add each User to each Outlet you want them to receive Notifications from. You cannot proceed until these first two steps have been completed. To set up your Notifications:

  1. Navigate to your Property in GXP, and go to Guest Centres  > Notification Manager 
  2. Click on + New Notification to create a new one. 
  3. Choose your Outlet from the top
  4. Under Message Type tick the boxes for the type of Notification you want to set up, either Email, SMS, or Telephone.
  5. Add your Contact from the available list.
  6. Enter a minute in the 'Notify' box to set how many minutes you want to send a notification, for an Order or Request that is still set in Pending

All Orders and Requests that arrive in the Guest Centre are set as Pending, if you set this as 5 minutes, your contact will be sent either an Email, SMS, or Telephone call until they change the latest Order to 'Acknowledged' in the Guest Centre.

The above contact will receive the Notifications until changed. If you want to set an Escalation contact: 

  1. Tick the Escalation Contact Box. 
  2. Add your new Contact who's the escalation detail
  3. In the If there is no response within enter a number value. 
  4. Set what Notifications that user receives as well, the Email, SMS, and Telephone
  5. You can enter an Escalation Message that's unique to the escalation contact if you wish.

You can repeat the process and create an Escalation for the Escalation, if you wish.

Top Tip: If you want to send the Notifications via email to multiple people without creating Notifications for each user, say 5 people in your organization. Create an email group with your Mail system, and enter this email address for the User and all 5 email accounts will receive the Email updates.

It's important to note you are unable to reply to the Notification in whichever format you receive them in, it only notifies you that an Order or Request has been received, and then in turn if a User at the hotel hasn't then Acknowledged the Order or Request, and if you set up an Escalation contact they can be alerted as a safety net.