With GXP you can send messages out to individual Rooms for checked in Guests, or multiple Rooms and it has a free text Subject and Message field to enter anything you desire. To start:

  1. Navigate to your Property in GXP, and go to Guest Centres and choose either the Order Centre or Service Centre, depending on which Outlet you want to send the message from.
  2. Click on Messages
  3. Click on + New Message at the top. 
  4. Click on the dropdown beneath 'Search Guest name or room number'
  5. You can either click on individual Rooms here, or click on Select All to highlight all.
  6. Enter your text in the Subject field
  7. Your Predefined Messages appear here, if you have them set up in Content Management > Predefined Messages
  8. Enter the rest of the text in your Message field
  9. Tap on Send.

It takes a few seconds depending on the amount of checked in Rooms, but will get to your iRiS Guest Apps within a minute or two in total.

After a message has been sent out, iRiS Guest will show the Message in a new thread for that Outlet. You should now be able to send Messages to multiple checked in Rooms.