Order and Service Centres store incoming Order and Service Requests, and you can provide controls so staff can interact with orders to update guests with Predefined Messages. As the Order and Service type Guest Centres operate in the exact same way, the below documentation will cover scenarios for an Order Centre. To start navigate to your Property in GXP, and go to Guest Centres > Order Centre and first learn about the Orders tab.

When an Order or Request is sent, GXP will play a sound to indicate to a near by user that there's an Order or Request in Pending state. You can also see which Outlet this is in further down with the Badge showing against the Outlet

Clicking on the Outlet links you to where the guest Order is in a Pending status and requires an update or you can see it in the list. You will see further Orders in other states available beneath the current order. To open the Order, simply click on the Pending state to open and view the order. 

The Order details show the ID, the date the customer would like the Items to be delivered, to which Room, and the total. 

To update the Order Status to the guest:

  1. Underneath the Update Status button, click on the Pending Button.
  2. Click on Include Message
  3. Choose an option from the drop down of Predefined Messages
  4. Click on Save and Send Message

This will send an update to iRiS Guest informing the user of the status to their order.

The Statuses of Acknowledged, Delivering and Completed are used at your discretion, depending on how many updates you would like to use as a standard operating procedure. For example, a hotel may only use Acknowledged and Completed, to let the guest know the order has been received successfully and is then on its way to the room. Another may only use Completed. Those are the statuses that iRiS Guest supports along with Cancelled.

To finalise the Orders and Requests, remember to go back to the Order tab and update to either Delivering or Completed depending on how many steps you'd like to respond with to your guests. 

You should now be able to respond to guest Order or Service Requests with Order Updates with free text or Predefined Messages