The Background Image can be turned on and applied to the Homepage of the App and can rotate automatically by the timings you provide, or simply applying a single Image will be static for iRiS Guest.

To set up a single or multiple Background Images for the Homepage:

  1. Navigate to your Property in GXP, and go to Content Management > Homepage
  2. Click on + Add Image at the top of the page beneath Background Image
  3. This opens the Media Library, click on an Image and selecting it goes Green to show it's highlighted
  4. Click Ok when you have made your selections.

Notice it automatically adds a Start time of the first image at 00:00 and depending on the amount of images you add allocates an even set of time slots to be shown in iRiS Guest.

Clicking and dragging the images will change the order. The green above the image allows you to edit the picture for that time slot, and the red above the image allows you to delete the Image.

You should now be able to set a Background Image for iRiS Guest.