Banners are connected with Widgets and you can add images and text that link to either internal or external content. First you need to create a Banner, and then a Banner Widget for them to display on the Homepage. To create your Banner:

  1. Navigate to your Property in GXP, and go to Content Management > Banners 
  2. Click on + Add Banner
  3. Provide an Internal Name for the Banner
  4. Adding text to the Title filed will show in a larger font on Widget and will be in bold. This should be short, less than 12 characters
  5. Adding text to the Message field will show in a smaller font with no bold. This should be less than 50 characters
  6. You can choose an image from your Media Library and finally an Action
  7. This can link to any Section or Item in GXP or a URL. Linking to a Category is not supported in iRiS Guest

Below is an example showing the relevant fields you need to add, and the Action is linking to the Discover London Section on the iRiS demo site.

Once created, you need to connect the Banner you’ve just created to a Widget. To do this:

  1. Navigate over to Content Management > Homepage
  2. Select + Add New Widget
  3. Provide a Title that just shows internally for organising purposes. 
  4. In the Widget Type dropdown select Banner 
  5. Choose a size, either 2:2 or 2:4 (square, or rectangle)
  6. In the Action Parameter dropdown select a Banner and Save to finalise it

Back to the Homepage menu you can now make Widget Visible. It will automatically be added to the bottom of the list if you already have some Widgets. Below is a screenshot of both some 2:2 and a 2:4 Banner Widget.

The Hight Tea Banner Widget links to an Item and is in the 2:2 size. The Discover London Widget is 2:4 and links to a Section.

The order of the Widgets is determined in the same way that the Shortcuts are, the Widget at the top starts at the top left. Below is a table explaining how many Widgets can fit on different devices and products.

iRiS Guest MobileiRiS Guest Room in PortraitiRiS Guest Room in LandscapeiRiS Guest Web on Desktop
Maximum of two 2:2 or one 2:4 can fit on a single row.Maximum of two 2:2 or one 2:4 can fit on a single row.
Maximum of four 2:2 or two 2:4 can fit on a single row.
Maximum of four 2:2 or two 2:4 can fit on a single row.

You should now be able to create Banners with Images and text and link them to Widgets to show on the Homepage of iRiS Guest.