There are two Section types that link to websites, External Content Section type allows you to add a URL to link to external content and it will display in an iFrame on iRiS Guest, and Web Browser will open the webpage in a Web Browser. To start:

  1. Navigate to your Property and go to Content Management > Sections. 
  2. At the top click on + Add New Section
  3. Provide an Internal Name that is only seen in GXP
  4. Choose an Icon that will be displayed in the Side Menu in iRiS Guest
  5. In the Section Name field, enter the name you want displayed in iRiS Guest
  6. Set the Type as External Content or Web Browser
  7. Set the Is Visible toggle to Yes
  8. Scroll to the bottom and enter your URL in the URL field

Tapping on the External Content Section will load the content inside the App on all devices as an iframe, allowing you to display content and keep the Top Bar visible in iRiS Guest. Tapping on the Web Browser type section will load the content in a Web Browser

The above Image is loaded as an External Content Section on the left, and Web Browser Section on the right for our Heddon Hotel demo site.

If you have an integration with iRiS Guest, for Room Controls or Television, it will always be an External Content Section and the toggle for Include encrypted guest information should always be set to Yes. Changing this will break the function of the Integration, and will require the Integration to be reconfigured by an iRiS Support Engineer

Disclaimer: Some web sites block you from loading a website as an iframe (External Content Section), so always test in Draft mode before publishing and if it doesn't work set this to Web Browser and it will load fine. The Web Browser Section on iRiS Guest Room and Mobile will load like the above image on the right, in iRiS Guest Web it will open up in a new tab or browser window depending on the browser you are using.

You should now be able to create an External Content Section and a Web Browser Section and link to websites in iRiS Guest.