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Error 110 - 'posconnectionerror' - Unfortunately we are unable to connect to our Point of Sale system, please contact a member of staff for further assistance.

Find out what to do if you see error 110 in the Error modal.

This error occurs when IRIS Manager is not able to make contact with the POS endpoint. Guests will receive a warning of 

IRIS Manager users will also see this error message when trying to test the connection from 'FnB Menu' settings.

How to fix this

Instructions to resolve issue

  1. check that the POS workstation/Server is on and connected to the internet
  2. the POS workstation/server has no errors or updates currently occurring
  3. POS application is working correctly without errors on the designated workstation/Server
  4. check that no network changes have recently occurred, Firewall changes, workstation change of IP address, etc (check with the property network team)

If you still need help

If you continue to see this error when trying to place an order, contact your designated Support team for further instruction.