Applies to   iRiS Manager | Guest Room | Guest Mobile | Guest Web | Mobile Dining 

Before you can log on to IRIS Manager and start making Magic, you will need to have an account setup for you by either a colleague with current access to the system, or contact your designated Corporate support team. For non-corporate clients, please contact 


Setup user

Refer to this guide to setup a User

Logging On

  1. Go to Enter the email address that was used to setup up your account.

You will be directed to the next screen where you can enter your password. For corporate customers with SSO enabled, you will be redirected to the SSO service to enter your details. After completion, you will be redirected back to our portal. If successful, you will now have access to the platform.

If using SSO, the Email must match the default email address of the that service, any alias used, will fail the logon process!