Applies to   iRiS Manager | Guest Room | Guest Mobile | Guest Web | Mobile Dining 

The Discount feature enables guests to enter a discount code while placing their order, giving Properties the chance to offer preferential pricing to those who use the code. By adding a Discount code to their cart, guests can receive a reduction in their total cost, either as a percentage or a fixed amount.

This feature is only available with Credit Cards enabled



  • Discounts requires POS integration & for the Outlet to be setup to make use of them.
  • Only one Discount code can be applied per order.
  • The discount codes are case-sensitive.
  • Discounts only work for orders that do not use the "Open" payment type. (To avoid scenarios where multiple discounts may be applied to a single order.)
  • A discount cannot be applied if it will result in the total being a negative or zero amount.

Step 1: Create / Identify Discount code in POS

First, you will need to identify the discount that you will use from your POS

Please refer to your POS manual for how to set this up. 

Step 2: Create Discount code in IRIS Manager

  1. Navigate to Setup > Discounts
  2. select 'Create new Discount'
  3. Provide the following details
    • Name - internal name for to identify the discount in GXP.
    • Guest Facing Code - the code a user must enter to get the discount. (codes are case sensitive)
    • Discount Type:
      • Percentage e.g 10% off the total price. (not including any tip)
      • Fixed Amount e.g £5 off the total price.
    • Amount
      • for Percentage: 0.1 = 10% OFF
      • for Fixed Amount: 1.50 = £1.50 OFF
    • POS Item Code - the code in POS, that is connected to the Discount Type.
  4. Save

Step 3: Assign Discount code to Outlet

  1. Navigate to Setup > Outlet Settings
  2. Select Outlet that the discount codes can be used with
  3. Enable 'Use Discounts'
  4. Select 'Add Discount' and select Discount that is to be used with this Outlet and Save
  5. Finally, Save the outlet

How it works

Upon creating an order, guests will be presented with an order summary and given the option to apply the discount code you have provided. If the code is valid, a success message will appear and the corresponding discount will be applied to the total.

If the guest tries an invalid code, they will be presented with an error message.

Discounts codes are CASE SENSITIVE and will only work if they exactly match the value provided in the value  'Guest Facing Code'


  • No minimum spend required 
  • No discount code specific time period
  • No multi-buy discount type e.g. 2 for 1