Applies to   IRIS Manager | Guest Room | Guest Mobile | Guest Web | Mobile Dining 

The Call Waiter feature allows POS enabled Outlets to provide Guests with the ability to request a waiter to their location.

This is achieved by creating an automatic order to the POS workstation that the Servers can pick up as they would a standard order. 



  • The Property & Outlet must be POS integrated.
  • The Outlet must have a POS Item Code of the item that will be used to place the 'Call Waiter' order

How it works

The Call Waitstaff button is only displayed when a 'Call Waiter POS Item Code' exists, and will work only when a Delivery Location is selected. If both conditions are met, the confirmation message appears.

"Please confirm that you would like a member of staff to assist you at [delivery area, delivery location]"

Once the Guest has confirmed the request, a standard order is placed to POS and a Guest Check is printed as normal. The Order will display one Item, Call Waitstaff and the remaining order information including Location (LOC:) in the Guest Check Trailer at the bottom of the check.

Outlet Setup

  1. IRIS Manager > Setup > Outlet Settings
  2. Select Required Outlet
  3. choose the POS Setup Tab >add the POS item code to the Call Waiter POS Item Code field (If not available, please contact the support team to do this step for you)
  4. Save

Delivery Locations

Each delivery location must have a unique POS Item Code.

  1. IRIS Manager > Setup > Delivery Location areas
  2. Select required Delivery Location
  3. Assign valid POS item code for that location