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Time Slots will enable you to limit an Outlet's total number of orders placed in any given time window. This will help maintain a steady flow of orders into the kitchen and prevent the possibility of the kitchen being overwhelmed by orders. This ensures that the guest will receive a realistic delivery time during your peak operational hours. By using Time Slots, you can restrict the number of orders that guests can place. For instance, only allowing 10 orders every 30 minutes.

These are known as 'Time Slots' and can be configured in the Outlet Settings.


Key Terms Explained

Time Slot Capacity

The number of orders the Outlet can handle during each Time Slot. For instance, if the kitchen can handle 10 orders in 30 minutes, the Capacity would be 10.

Interval Time

The length of the Time Slots in minutes. The choices are all factors of 60 so that time slots will always add up to a whole hour. 

Lead Time

The Lead Time is the length of preparation time for a given order.  Note that the first available time slot is calculated based on Lead Time. For instance, if an order is placed at 08:00 and the lead time is 30 minutes, then the first available time slot would start at 08:30.

Item Lead Time

The Item Lead Time is the length of preparation time for a specific item and can be set on the Item Page. If no specific Item Lead Time is set for a given item, then it will default to the Outlet's Lead Time. The item with the longest lead time will dictate the overall Lead Time for that order. 

To Setup Time Slots, follow these steps:

  1. Login to IRIS Manager 
  2. Navigate to Setup > Outlet Settings from the sidebar and select your necessary Outlet.
  3. Toggle Enable Time Slots to YES, this will prompt a new field, see the below.

    4.  You can now enter the number of slots available for that given interval time. 

Time Slots work in tandem with interval times. In this example 30 minutes, this means the Time Slot capacity is only valid for 30 minutes and once that 30 minutes has passed, another Time Slot with full capacity becomes available. In this example, once 10 orders have been made within a given 30 minute Time Slot, the Guests in Guest Web will no longer be able to place orders for that slot as the capacity has been reached. 

    5. Once you have toggled this on, added your Time Slot Capacity; Press Save and your Time Slots will be applied.

How does this display for the Guests?

Once the guest adds an item to their cart, the system will check to when the next Time Slot is available (dependent on the Interval Time and Time Slot Capacity you have configured). If the next slot is available, the system will assign this to the guest, and they can review the Time Slot at the Cart Page.

When the very first time slot is unavailable due to the Time Slot Capacity being reached, then the guest will receive the below message. This will provide the guest with an updated expected delivery time for the next available slot within a three-hour window.

If a guest decides to edit their basket by adding or removing items, this can then have an effect on the Lead Time for that order, as the items can have individual Lead Times. When this happens, it can then either provide you with an earlier/later Time Slot dependent on those items lead times. In this event, the guest will see the below Time Slow update (on ASAP orders).

For ASAP only orders (when Deliver Later is OFF) and the next three hours of Time Slots are all taken from guest orders, a guest trying to place an order ASAP will receive the below message.

If 'Deliver Later' is toggled to YES, this will enable the user to pick a Time Slot manually. Time Slots and Deliver Later must both be toggled to YES in the Outlet Settings to allow this. If the selected Time Slot is selected and this time is unavailable, the guest will be prompted with the below message and will provide a list of available suggested times. Once the guest then moves onto the Cart Page, the Time Slot will be confirmed.