App styles, also known as Skins are a collection of colors, fonts and image assets which are used to create a set of styles for iRiS Guest applications. They are compatible with iRiS Guest on all platforms Web, iOS and Android.

Another way to think about styles in iRiS Guest is that they are themes for each property who uses the application and this theme is shared across all iRiS Guest app types and platforms for a consistent look and feel. Styles can also apply to more than one property, for example if one group or brand uses a consistent look and feel across all of their properties.

The different areas of styles within an app that can be customised include:

  • The set of fonts
  • Colours on elements including buttons, shortcuts and the Top Bar
  • Icons inside Shortcuts and in Quicklaunches
  • Logos and images displayed across the app
  • And more!

Here's an example of all the different areas on the Homepage which can be customised: