iRiS Guest is our modern guest facing product, and has been rebuilt from the ground up to replace our older Valet suite of Apps. There are four different iRiS Guest apps which are suitable to a variety of different guest scenarios and technology platforms.

iRiS Guest Web

Guest Web is our core guest facing product, utilising a responsive design to work across smartphones, tablet and desktops to provide guests with a solution that allows the use of any personal device they might have with them. 

Guest Web provides all of the core iRiS features including F&B Ordering, Service Requests, Messaging and Digital Menu capability and is compatible with all modern web browsers.

iRiS Guest Mobile:

iRiS Guest Mobile is available on Android and iOS, and is the version of iRiS Guest that runs on a smartphone. This has all of the same content features as iRiS Guest Web, but is available to download from the Google Play and Apple App Store.

The App has been rebuilt in modern technologies, and has the advantage of being able to add integrations that aren't capable of working on iRiS Guest Web, like a Mobile Key or a Voice calls (VoIP).

iRiS Guest Room

iRiS Guest Room is available on Android and iOS, and is focused towards an In-Room use case. Again, has the same content functionality as iRiS Guest Web and Mobile but has a tailored guest experience for tablet devices that are provided to the guest.

Guest Room benefits from other integrations like Room Controls for your lighting and temperature, and Television controls with a remote and a guide, all from the tablet.

iRiS Guest Table

iRiS Guest Room is available on Android and iOS, and is focused towards a dining experience at a fixed location such as tableside at a restaurant. Guest Table can be used to provide a Digital Menu for guests and can also be used by staff to take orders or even place them straight away from the app.