Location Services allows location-based apps and websites (including Maps, Camera, Safari, and other Apple/Android and third-party apps) to use information from cellular, Wi-Fi, and Global Positioning System (GPS) networks to determine your approximate location.

To use features such as Geofencing in iRiS Guest, you must enable Location Services on your device and give your permission to each app or website before it can use your location data.

Safari on iOS Devices

Tap the Settings application
Go to Privacy > Location Services > Safari Websites
Tap While Using the App to enable

macOS Devices

Open the System Preferences App
Click the Security & Privacy icon in the System Preferences window.
Click the Privacy tab.
If the padlock icon in the lower left is locked, click it and enter an admin name and password to unlock it.
Select Location Services.
Check the "Enable Location Services" checkbox.

Android Devices

Tap the Settings application
Tap Location
Tap Google Location Reporting
Tap Location Reporting
Toggle the switch to On

Chrome on Android

Touch the menu at the upper right corner of the screen.
Touch Settings > Site Settings > Location.
Make sure Location is enabled on the top of the screen (not blocked).
Find https://app.buddypunch.com in the list & click it.
To grant access to your location, turn on Location access or click to allow.