The two most common delivery options for IRIS Guest will be to the Room, or a Pick Up from a specific location. The third option is adding new unique Delivery Location Areas. Perhaps you want to offer 1 Outlet where all food is  delivered to locations like the Pool, or in the Lobby, you can do this with iRiS Guest. To start:

  1. Navigate to your Property in GXP and go to Setup > Delivery Location Areas
  2. Click on +Add New Delivery Location Area
  3. Enter your areas name in the Name field, for example Lobby, or Pool and click Save
  4. Tap on your new area that's been created and Saved for you
  5. In the new page click on +Add Delivery Location
  6. Enter a Name in the Name field, for example Table 1
  7. Click Save and Repeat as necessary

You can create as many Delivery Location Areas and Locations as needed. To pair them to your Outlet

  1. Navigate to Setup > Outlet Settings
  2. Click to open the Outlet.
  3. Scroll down to Delivery Location Areas, and click on + Add Delivery Location Area
  4. Find your choice from the and add a Charge if needed
  5. Click on Save to preview in Draft mode.

When these are added, they will appear in IRIS Guest for your guests to pick and choose from the Outlet.

This is a great option for IRIS Guest if you want to use 1 Outlet for your Food & Drink orders, but provide multiple areas for delivery to your guests. You should now be able to create and apply a Delivery Location Area for IRIS Guest.