The Service Outlet is very similar to the Order Outlet, it just has a few less configurable options. To create a new Service Outlet:

  1. Navigate to the your Property in GXP and go to Setup > Outlet Settings
  2. Click on + Add New Outlet at the top of the page
  3. Add a Name and a Description, this will only show in the Browse Outlets page if you have 2 or more Service Outlets

The basics of the Outlet are created with these options, below is more information on how the remaining features work.

Interval Time: The default is 0, and whatever is set here displays as time intervals for your guests when choosing their own delivery time. When set to 15 minutes, it will look like the below for your guest

Allow Deliver Later: When set to Yes, this toggles the timer options for the Service Request Item, shown below.

When enabled the Green As soon as possible and white Later are show to the guest, when disabled they can only see Send Request.

Allow Deliver to Room: This should be activated and set to Yes in order for iRiS Guest to work, the Apps always default to delivering to Room and if disabled Service Requests will fail to work.

Allow Guest Messages: If you want to allow your guests to respond to the orders sent to this Outlet, turn this option on. When set to No, your guests can only read your Order updates.

Type: Choose Service for this type

Image: Set an image from the Media Library that will show in the Browse Outlets page if you have more 2 or more Order Outlets setup

Predefined Messages: Used to apply some text against the Order Updates for your guest. We provide a few generic statements in the platform, and to apply existing ones to your updates click on +Add Message, choose a state like Acknowledged and from the drop down at the bottom a statement. New ones can be created in Content Management > Static Content > Predefined Messages

Users: To allow your Users to see specific Outlets, you need to add them here. Your users won't be able to see incoming Orders or Requests if they are not added to each Outlet you want them to support.

You should now be able to create a Service Outlet, change the Deliver Later settings, and change your Predefined Messages for different steps as well as add your individual users to the Outlet to look after the incoming Requests in the Guest Centre.