For Outlet Content the hierarchy works up to 4 levels, the behaviour is similar to the Standard Content, but with a slight change. The Standard Section that is the highest level of content for Information Items, with Outlet Content this changes slightly.

Outlet Content follows a hierarchy as below:

  • Outlet Content Section
  • Interactive Content Section
    • Category
      • Sub-Category (optional)
        • Product Item

The Outlet Content Section can be given an a Title and Header Title, these appear as Heddon Restaurant and the text beneath about the opening times. You can then connect multiple Interactive Sections to the Outlet Section, these can have Icons applied, like the Breakfast and All-Day. Categories are linked to the Interactive Sections and can contain Sub-Categories if added. These Categories only have a Title but contain the most important part, the Items.

The Item Title, Image, Short Description and the Price is shown here for the Full English Breakfast. Tapping will open the Product Item to reveal more details about that item.

When setting up the Outlets, there are two types, Order and Service. The below is a distinction on how each works:

  • Order Outlets can only contain Product Items and Information Items
  • Service Outlets can only contain Service Items and Information Items

You cannot add a Service Request Item to the Order Outlet, and you cannot add the Product Item to the Service Outlet. 

This is a very basic look at how the hierarchy works to give you an understanding of how the features work, in the Content Management Section of our portal you can learn how to set all of this up in more of those articles.