You can add Images to Banners, Sections, and Items. When you do, the App will crop and centre the images for you if they are to be displayed as a square or in landscape. All images used for Items and Banners should be uploaded in a landscape 2:1 ratio (for example 1500x750px) and the different iRiS Guest Apps will handle the rest. For the Outlet Images, it supports showing them in a 3:1 ratio (for example 2250px by 750px)

The image beneath shows an example of where the Image can be used in landscape, and it crops and centres the image from the top and bottom.

The second image below shows how the original image is centered and crops the left and right sides of the image if iRiS Guest uses it as a square crop.

Note that GXP restricts image uploads to a maximum of 250kb per image, and images shouldn’t be larger than 750px in height. iRiS Guest only supports images in square or landscape in the ratio of 1:1, 2:1 and 3:1 respectively.