This document explains the basics of how content is structured in Standard Sections, and what this looks like on iRiS Guest. 

For Standard Content the hierarchy works in either 2 or 3 levels, the behaviour is similar to how folders work on a computer, with your files stored in the last folder. Sections are the highest level container and represent the first point of access to the content. Categories & Subcategories are the next level of container down, and Items sit at the bottom and have multiple types. The content looks like the below

  • Standard Content Section
  • Category
  • Sub-Category (optional)
  • Item

A Standard Section can be given an Image, a Title and Header Title, these appear as Discover London and Explore this amazing City. You can then connect multiple Categories to a Section. Categories are linked to Sections and can contain Sub-Categories if added. These Categories only have a Title but contain the most important part of the App, the Items. In the Image the Category is Nightlife, and the Sub-Category is Bars & Clubs

The Item Title, Image show on every Item, and the Short Description is shown in this view and when you open the Item, if you add a Long Description to an Item it is shown only when opening the Item. In the Image, Sky Garden is the Item Title, and the Short Description displays beneath.