Side Menu

The menu can be opened by tapping on the Menu icon in the top left of the Top Bar on the Homepage. This opens the Side Menu to show the Section list, Language Selector and the Sign In options where applicable. When signed in, the Side Menu also displays links to the Order History and the Messages pages.


In most configurations the homepage is first part of the App that will be seen by the guest. You can customise the Homepage with different features including Quicklaunches, Shortcuts, and Widgets. 


You are able to add two Quicklaunches to the Top Bar to provide a one-click action for the guest. For example a quick way to view messages or the cart. Quicklaunches are always visible in the Top Bar across all of the same pages where the Top Bar is shown.


Shortcuts are similar to Quicklaunches as they provide a one-click action for the guest, however they are only visible on the Homepage.

Shortcuts are more customisable with an icon and a label, which can link to other parts of iRiS Guest such as Sections, Items, and external URLs. We recommend up to six Shortcuts to cover as many different device sizes as possible.


Widgets can be shown in a 2:2 or 2:4 ratios and come in various different types with different feature sets:

A Text Widget showing only Text, a Banner Widget showing Images and Text, and some others like a Weather Widget, Alarm, or Mobile Key Door Entry.

  • Text Widget: A widget that can show a large amount of text, useful for displaying notices or descriptions.
  • Banner Widget: A widget that can show one or more images, if more the widget will rotate between the images. This is useful for displaying products or services and can be linked to other pages within iRiS Guest.
  • Weather Widget: A widget that displays the weather information for your property location and can be linked to the full weather page within iRiS Guest.
  • Alarm Widget: (Only available in Guest Room) A widget that can be used to set an alarm on the device.
  • Mobile Key Widget: (Only available in Guest Mobile) A widget that can be used to activate Mobile Key functionality.