Learn about the basic names for features of iRiS guest, and learn about the Homepage for iRiS Guest and what they look like in iRiS Guest.

iRiS Guest is our latest product, and has been rebuilt from the ground up to replace our older Valet suite of Apps. The iRiS Guest App currently comes in three different varieties:

iRiS Guest Web: This is iRiS Guest running on a web browser. When you create any of your content in GXP, you automatically get iRiS Guest Web. One of its main benefits is the Draft feature, allowing you to build content on GXP and have preview the content before you publish it to the rest of the iRiS Guest Apps. It's a responsive design meaning it also works on a smartphone, tablet and desktop, just resize your web browser to a different width to see it working for different devices.

iRiS Guest Mobile: iRiS Guest Mobile is available on Android and iOS, and is the version of iRiS Guest that runs on a smartphone. This has all of the same content features as iRiS Guest Web, but is available to download from the Google Play and Apple App Store. The App has been rebuilt in modern languages, and has the advantage of being able to add integrations that aren't capable of working on iRiS Guest Web, like a Mobile Key, or a Voice calling system.

iRiS Guest Room: iRiS Guest Room is available on Android and iOS, and runs on a tablet. Like Mobile, it has the same content functionality as iRiS Guest Web and Mobile, but designed for tablet in Portrait and Landscape. This is deployed to hotels in a unique way. The device is always running in the hotel room, and it benefits from other integrations like Room Controls for your lighting and temperature, and Television controls with a remote and a guide. Below is your start to understanding the naming of features in iRiS Guest and to see what they look like:

Top Bar

The Top Bar holds the Side Menu Button, the logo of your brand in the centre, and the first features of the Homepage, the Quicklaunches.

Side Menu

The menu can be opened by tapping on the Menu icon in the top left of the Top Bar on the Homepage. This opens the Side Menu to show the Section list, Language Selector and the Sign In options where applicable. When signed in, it also displays the Order History and the Messages.


The first part of the App that will load for you. You can customise the Homepage with different features. These are named Quicklaunch, Shortcut, and then 5 different types of Widget


You are able to add 2 Quicklaunches to the Top Bar, it shows the Message and Cart Quicklaunch in the Top Bar


You can add an Icon and a name to the Shortcut, which can link to Sections, Items, and URLs. Items and URLs can be opened from the Homepage. We recommend up to 6 Shortcuts to cover as many devices as possible.


The Widgets can be show in a 2:2 or 2:4 size, and can be a Text Widget showing only Text, a Banner Widget showing Images and Text, and some others like a Weather Widget, Alarm, or Mobile Key Door Entry.

The next few articles teach you about how to use Images in iRiS Guest, and how the content hierarchies work.