If you have the IRIS Guest Room App, GXP Manager allows you to pair a device to a specific room, and GXP will handle your guests check in and check out data, so the Apps are always ready for your guests. It starts with the IRIS Guest Room App on iOS or Android.

  1. Navigate to your Property in GXP and go to Setup > Asset Manager
  2. Note the PIN as it will be used in the iRiS Guest Room App.
  3. Open your IRIS Guest Room App and enter the details and tap on Pair Device
    1. Note: You do not need to change the PIN number. But if you need to regenerate the PIN, it can be used for new connections to Asset Manager, it won't disconnect Apps already connected.

When this is paired, it will then move to the Waiting for Guest Check In page if the guest is not yet in the Room.

When the Guest is checked into the Room, it will start the process of directing the App to the Homepage. If you have the Terms and Conditions and Welcome Message enabled, it will show these first before the App arrives at the Homepage. GXP will remember your device even across App upgrades until you unpair from GXP. If a device in a room needs to be replaced due to error or it has been damaged, you will need to unpair this by doing the following.

  1. Navigate to your Property in GXP and go to Setup > Asset Manager
  2. Use the pagination buttons at the bottom in green to quickly to jump to a page to help you find your device
  3. When you have found the correct Room Number, check the tick box and click on Unpair
  4. Within 1 minute your device will be unpaired from GXP and you can then reassign this to a new Room

You should now be able to generate a new PIN, and reassign your devices from particular rooms with IRIS Guest Room.