User Settings let you create new accounts in GXP, and with each account you have to choose what permissions a particular account will receive. To create a new user, do the following:

If your hotel group uses Single Sign On(SSO), the password will not be used and the service will redirect to the SSO service for authentication.

  1. Navigate to your Property in GXP and go to Setup > Users 
  2. Click on + Add User
  3. Enter the First Name, Last Name, and Email Address for the user.
  4. Underneath Role ID, click to reveal and choose from the list
  5. Enter an Email Address for the user, this has to be unique for a GXP Property, and is required for the Sign In process 
  6. Enter a User Name for the user, this has to be unique for GXP and is only used as a record in our system.
  7. Enter the Phone Number for the User, this must be added in order to setup Notifications for Order and Service Requests.
  8. Click on Save to finalise.

If using SSO, the Email must match the default email address of the that service, any alias used, will fail the logon process!

Below is an example of typical names of roles and the level of access it grants the user.

  • Staff - Provides the user access to the Guest Centre Area of GXP only.
  • Content Management - Provides the user access to the Content Management Area of GXP only
  • System Expert - Provides the user access to every area of Guest Centres, Content Management, Setup and Reports for the Property
  • Reporting - Provides the user access to only the Transactional Reports feature

The user will now receive an email asking them to finalize the setup of their account, this link only exists for 24 hours. If you need to resend the email, or disable an account navigate back to the Users area of Setup and click on the Users name in green to reveal the below:

  • Disable will lock the account and the user from accessing GXP until enabled again.
  • Resend Email will resend the email to set up their account. Selecting this will also send the user an email to help reset their password.

You should now be able to create new Users, and help existing users regain access to their account. Remember to assign your Users to each Outlet so that they can see and respond to Orders and Requests.