System Operational Settings in GXP allows you to configure Metrics, Languages and enable 2-way Messaging features used in iRiS Guest, the majority of this will already be done for you as part the site setup by iRiS but below has some information on how to change any of these settings for iRiS Guest.

Metrics: Setting this will define if your iRiS Guest App will use Fahrenheit or Celcius for the Weather information in the Weather Section and the Weather Widget

Allow Sign In: Currently required to be on for every iRiS Guest product. When Enabled will show the Sign In button in the Menu for iRiS Guest Mobile and iRiS Guest Web.

Available Languages: The default language for any iRiS Guest product is always English, to add more languages you can do the following:

  1. Navigate to your Property in GXP and go to Setup > System Operational Settings
  2. Scroll down to Available Languages and click on + Select
  3. Click on a language in the Left hand column to move it to the Right hand Column to add a language to iRiS Guest
    1. Clicking on languages on the Right hand column and moving it back to the Left hand column will remove the language from iRiS Guest
  4. Click on Save to set your languages for your Property
  5. Setting 'Is Default' to yes for a chosen language will change the default language your iRiS Guest Apps will first display when the App is opened.

2-Way Messaging for all Outlets: There are two supported states of On and Off for iRiS Guest. With the option set to On, this enables 2-way Messaging for your Message Centres, meaning your guests can reply to your Messages and updates you send. Set this to No if you only want to enable 1-way Messaging to your guests in the Message Centre.

You should be able to set the Metrics for your Property, add new Languages and set a language as default for iRiS Guest, as well as enable or disable 2-way Messaging for your guests.