Below is a summary of the features released in v5.6 of iRiS Guest.

  • Metrics values not being used for the Weather - setting the Metrics value as American in GXP now works in iRiS Guest
  • SIP Integration - we've added a Generic SIP integration to make and receive calls with a PBX integration.
  • SIP Personalise Quicklaunch - the Personalise Quicklaunch with the Phone icon enables the integration for your iRiS Guest Room/Mobile App.
  • SIP Proxy Setting - enable or disable proxy settings for the SIP integration
  • Removal of bottom Navigation on External Content Sections (when encrypted) - removes the bottom navigation bar in the External Content Section when used for integrations with RMS and IPTV
  • Bottom Bar Menu Quicklaunch Badges - with the Bottom Bar design, this adds the Notification Badge for Messages and Cart

As always, lots of bug fixes to increase stability for the products.