Below is a summary of the features released in v5.6 of iRiS Guest.

  • Background Image Slideshow - set multiple images to show at set times in the background of the iRiS Guest Room and Mobile apps
  • Section Availability Periods - Create an Availability period and apply this to the Section to control when your guests can order.
  • Number of Diners/Guest in the Cart - toggle in the Cart to set how many guests are dining for your order.
  • Lead Time - inform your guests of how much time it may take to prepare, deliver and complete the order
  • Add Change Location and Change Time to Cart - allow the guests the ability to change their order preferences from the Cart
  • UI Tidy Up for Cart - lots of changes for the table view to bring multiple columns for the information displayed in the Cart.

Lots of bug fixes to improve the stability of the product.